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Buddhism and status update on Rob A-Z | Buddhism | Zen

OK, I haven't used this in quite some time, but my friend, Vicar, asked if anyone else was an LJ person, and it reminded me of my fledgling site.

Today's thought: I've found this book to be immensely useful:
The Zen Commandments: Ten Suggestions for a Life of Inner Freedom.
by Dean Sluyter, Maggy Sluyter (Illustrator)

An excerpt:

What It's All About
1. Rest in Openness
2. Act with Kindness
3. Notice the Moment
4. Recognize Teachers
5. Keep It Simple
6. Be Devoted
7. No Appointment, No Disappointment
8. Bless Everyone
9. Disconnect the Dots
10. Be a Mensch and Enjoy the Joke

Appendix: Attention! At Ease!

My A-Z stopped at "G." I'll have to fix that.
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